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The Southcliff Black and Blue Classic

Every year, two running events are sponsored by and held at Southcliff:

  • Black Race: a 6.8 mile course that challenges the runners to climb 2,000 feet.
  • Blue Race: a 3.1 mile course that challenges the runners to climb 850 feet.

Both races take the runners through a mixture of roads and groomed trails with magnificent views, all within the Southcliff community. There’s always a great turnout and participation is rewarding not only for the runners but for the spectators as well. This event and the celebration that follows represent a great way for neighbors to connect and share a common interest.

Great prizes, food and craft beer await everyone after this amazing race!


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Exclusive tour of Southcliff during the Parade of Homes!

events-residentA very special tour was conducted at Southcliff for a select number of individuals during the Parade of Homes. This select group of eight people was accompanied by publishers of Asheville Lifestyle Magazine and driven throughout the community in luxury vehicles donated by Range Rover.

The tour started at the Sales Lodge with a presentation about Southcliff, followed by a ride in the Range Rovers to view the extraordinary properties and experience the majestic mountain views. This tour ended with a wine and cheese reception at the top of the mountain in the relaxed atmosphere of a luxury home built by Mike Duermit, one of the premier builders at Southcliff. Mike did a brief presentation about the extraordinary features of his home, highlighting how his architectural style reflects the influence of the spectacular mountains.

This year’s Parade of Homes will take place from 1 to 5 pm on October 8th  and 9th  and then again at the same time on October 15th  and 16th.

Every year, Southcliff hosts a backyard BBQ at the Inspiration Lodge during this event.  It is a great way to start your tour of this award-winning gated community.



Southcliff Resident Events

events-residentThroughout the year, residents at Southcliff gather to celebrate special occasions and enjoy their families and community of friends. The parks, picnic areas and the covered pavilion are places where these events frequently take place.



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